Secret Agent Man

As an aside to who I am, I’ve been funding my travel lately through a particularly unsavory means. I need to keep my identity a little bit of a secret as a result. If you thought this was a blog just based on the Asian-American experience you’re wrong, it’s also about hustling for the ¥¥¥¥s

In Chinese my profession is called a 抢手 “qiang shou” meaning “hired gun” or literally “gun hand”.

Man with gun hands

I was recruited by an agency to take college and graduate school placement exams for others.

I get mailed a fake passport or ID card with my face and their name and I get on a flight to one of the many testing centers across the world. My hotel is usually booked for me as well.

I can score pretty high on most tests, usually within the top 1% without studying.

I make between two and five thousand dollars per test, depending on the score requested. I don’t get paid if I get caught or the score gets canceled.

I’ve been caught multiple times but there have been few consequences, but even so I’m usually nervous to push my luck.

I found this line of work through a friend working it in Shanghai. He’s an extremely intelligent guy I met in a hostel in Shanghai who speaks perfect English after spending only two years in the UK. He likes swing dancing, poetry, and getting turnt. Pretty cool guy.

As far as I know I’m the only American doing this for work.

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